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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants can improve the function and appearance of your smile without the invasive procedures or extended recovery time of more complicated, full implants. If you need options that cost less and are more versatile than traditional full implants, mini dental implants may be the perfect fit. The dental implant specialists at Desert Dental Alternatives can help you determine if a mini dental implant is the best choice for your dental issue and how it can benefit your smile. With a simple one-time implantation procedure, our dentists can get your smile back and your jaw on the road to recovery.

Improve your smile with less stress, shorter recovery, and lower cost with mini dental implants. Call the Desert Dental Alternatives team for a consultation!

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants are much like regular implants but of course, are smaller. They are comprised of one screw-like piece implanted in the gum line and extends from the jaw with a ball-shaped end. They are typically 3mm in diameter or smaller. Mini implants can be used in small areas of the mouth or when a larger implant is not needed, but the patient wants more permanent solutions than a bridge or denture.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Mini implants have many of the same benefits as full dental implants, but their simple implant procedure and reduced recovery time make them a great choice for a less invasive dental solution. Mini dental implants have smile benefits that include:

  • Reduced number of office visits. Mini dental implants can often be applied in one visit.
  • No grafting is required, making them a more viable option for patients lacking enough jawbone needed for full implants.
  • Less invasive implantation than full implants. The mini implant does not require drilling deep into the jaw for placement.
  • Faster recovery time. Recovery is quicker due to a less invasive procedure.
  • Lower cost. Because the equipment needed is markedly less, the procedure is simpler and faster, and the number of visits required is fewer, this is a much more cost-friendly option.
  • Less painful. Mini implants can often be done with local anesthesia in a single visit.
  • Fit in smaller areas. The size of the mini implant is ideal for areas of the mouth where full implants cannot be placed.
  • Natural-looking results. The small size and simple implantation of the mini dental implant make them a dental option that receives beautiful, natural results.

How Do Mini Implants Work?

Mini implants are applied over the gum’s surface rather than under the gums than traditional implants and usually do not need a hole to be drilled into the bone because the stem has screw-like threading built-in. They are often placed in one visit instead of multiple visits like full implants and require no sutures or grafting.

You can expect the dentist to use local anesthesia to numb the gums and jaw in the area and once numb, place the metal implant post (the screw with rounded head) where applicable. The dental implant is attached to the metal post at the ball joint and then this replacement tooth is secured.

These implants are complete once attached and you are set to recover quickly and relatively painlessly. The procedure is faster and much less invasive than more complete implants.  

Trust Our Dentists for Mini Dental Implant Solutions!

If you have a small dental issue that does not affect multiple teeth, mini dental implants may be the solution for you. The dentists at Desert Dental Alternatives can help you with a diagnosis and consultation of your dental problems and what procedure and implant style will work for you. Don’t let the fear of extensive and expensive procedures prevent your consideration of dental help. Our team will help you find the choice that fits your needs and your budget.  

Mini implants are the smaller, less-expensive choice for permanent dental solutions and maybe a solution that is perfect for your dental issues. Let the team at Desert Dental Alternatives inform you of your options for dental implants and how we can help you get your smile back.

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