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About Our Dentistry

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Bruno Lemay, our lead dentist, our team at Desert Dental Alternatives
prioritizes your needs, comfort, and safety.

Our dentistry offers a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments, including stunning dental implants, so you can achieve and maintain that healthy, gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we accurately diagnose concerns and plan and perform dental treatments with exceptional precision.

Get in touch with our dentists today! Our team at Desert Dental Alternatives truly cares about your health, wellness, and that beautiful smile.

Our Philosophy at Desert Dental Alternatives

Our patient-focused philosophy allows our dentists to educate and allow patients to make their own decisions. Our mission, then, is to accurately diagnose oral health concerns and discuss with the patient all the available options so they can select a treatment that best meets their unique needs. We believe that by educating our patients, they will be more confident about their care and take a more active role in maintaining their oral hygiene.

A State-of-the-Art Office That says “You’ve Come to the Right Place”

We take pride in creating a beautifully decorated office that creates a welcoming atmosphere for our patients and their families. Utilizing state of the art dental technology, we ensure you will receive the highest level of care every visit, every treatment. In addition, our  dentists utilize an in-office computerized tomography (CT) scanner, allowing us to create detailed 3-D images of your teeth and jaw.

Our Wide Range of Services

Our dentistry has the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide you with a comprehensive range of oral care services from basic cleanings and examinations to complex endodontic procedures and oral surgeries. If you are missing teeth and seeking the unparalleled benefits of dental implants but have found that insufficient jawbone density is precluding you from treatment, we can perform a bone grafting procedure to help you qualify. As part of our commitment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for each and every patient, we offer oral-conscious sedation for individuals who suffer from dental anxiety.

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