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Cosmetic Restorations

Cosmetic Restorations

Desert Dental Alternatives knows how tooth decay, gum disease and other forms of dental damage can hurt your confidence, but fortunately, our dentists can help you do something about it. Gaining your confidence back is possible with cosmetic restorations so if any type of dental damage is affecting you, know it doesn’t have to for much longer.

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What are Cosmetic Restorations?

Since our dentists can address and fix multiple types of dental damage, we offer multiple types of cosmetic restorations:

  • Highly discreet tooth-colored composite dental fillings. The color of these fillings are so close to your teeth’s natural coloring that they’re hard to notice when we use them to fill chips, close gaps and more.
  • Inlays and onlays. Larger than fillings but smaller than crowns, these restorations cover a portion of your tooth to fix dental damage from a large cavity, fracture or erosion.
  • Crowns. Using aesthetically pleasing materials, our dentists can give you a custom crown that will blend with and restore your smile. Crowns are typically necessary if you have a damaged tooth, want to conceal a tooth’s imperfections or need to protect a weakened tooth.

How Do I Prepare for a Cosmetic Restoration?

Our dentists understand that you want to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for your cosmetic restoration. Your dentist will tell you all you need to know during your consultation and other appointments leading up to your cosmetic restoration. At the same time, we also encourage you to ask any questions you may have. Even if you think of a question when you’re not in an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and ask.

What Can I Expect After a Cosmetic Restoration?

Your dentist may prescribe you an antibiotic after your cosmetic restoration so you have something that helps you fight against infections. Not having to put up with infections makes the recovery process more pleasant and may allow you to see the results you’re looking for sooner!

Keep in mind recoveries may vary and depend on factors like your oral health. Your dentist will consider all relevant factors when preparing you for a successful recovery. In addition to potentially taking an antibiotic, your dentist may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and make sure you’re healing properly.

Desert Dental Alternatives Wants to Help You Get Your Confidence Back!

Dental damage doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your beautiful smile. See which cosmetic restoration you’ll benefit from most and get your confidence back!

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