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Endodontics involves treatment of complex tooth issues that affect the tooth pulp and root tissues.  Desert Dental Alternatives treats root pain and can perform procedures including root canal therapy, root amputation, and other treatments that address root infection. Endodontists are highly trained, specialized dentists who practice advanced therapies aimed at helping you remedy pain and infection while preventing further damage and decay.

For complex tooth issues that need special care, Desert Dental Alternatives offers the services you need. Call us today for a consultation!

Root Therapy and Re-Treatment

Root canal therapy involves treating cases where oral bacteria has penetrated the tooth’s pulp. The tooth pulp includes the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue within the tooth.

Treatment for the root canal involves: 

  1. Numbing of the affected tooth
  2. Creating a small hole in the enamel
  3. Removing the diseased tissue from within the tooth
  4. Cleaning the area and filling it with a synthetic compound
  5. Placing a crown when the damage warrants additional coverage

If a root canal is performed at another practice unsuccessfully, our office can perform a root canal re-treatment.

Cracked Tooth Repair

Cracks in the enamel of a tooth can expose the root and surrounding nerves causing sensitivity and pain. They can also allow bacteria to get into the pulp of the tooth. A cracked tooth can be remedied with a filling but may require a more extensive procedure depending on the damage to the root and pulp. These procedures may include oral surgery or tooth extraction.

Root Amputation

The larger teeth in the mouth often contain multiple roots. When damage to these teeth occurs, one of these roots may need to be removed to prevent future oral health complications.

Root amputation involves the complete removal of an infected root while leaving the remaining structure intact. If a root removal is required, our endodontist will place a filling or crown over the affected area to restore appearance and function and protect the tooth.

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Dental Treatment

Advanced treatment for endodontic dentistry recovery can sometimes include platelet-rich fibrin. Platelet-rich fibrin is used to aid in recovery after surgery to speed up tissue regeneration, accelerate healing, and minimize pain. It can also help with the reduction of dry sockets.

Platelet-rich fibrin treatment primary us is to increase the bone tissue surrounding implant placement. This treatment encourages bone maturation and allows for quicker healing with fewer complications. With advances like PRF treatment and other healing agent treatments, your dental work does not have to be avoided. You can heal faster and with less pain and discomfort using PRF.

Endodontic Treatments for Your Complex Teeth Issues

With the highly trained, specialized endodontists at Desert Dental Alternatives, you can trust that your teeth will be in good hands. We treat each patient with tender care and kindness and can help you understand your procedure before we start so that you are comfortable with the process. For root canals, re-treatment, root amputation, or other root and pulp infection; call our team to schedule the treatment you need.

Trust the specialists at Desert Dental Alternatives for your complex tooth issues. Call our office to learn how we can help.