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6 Advantages of Using Clear Aligners

6 Advantages of Using Clear Aligners

Luckily, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option for straightening teeth. If you have mild to moderately misaligned teeth but don’t want the burden of bulky wire braces to correct them, clear aligners can be a valid alternative option. While straight teeth can help boost confidence with a winning smile, they are also important for overall oral health and tooth decay prevention.

At Desert Dental Alternatives, our dentists are thrilled to offer custom-fit near-invisible MTM® Clear Aligners that gently straighten your smile simply and discreetly. There are many advantages to choosing clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth—read on to learn more!

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The Six Advantages of Clear Aligners

1. Clear aligners are invisible and discreet.

The most cited benefit of using clear aligners is avoiding metal mouth when wearing traditional braces. With clear aligners, there is no need to worry about time lost not smiling in photos or at important events due to embarrassing and uncomfortable braces. Clear aligners are invisible and disappear in your mouth during use, allowing you to live your life freely as you correct your smile.

2. They are easily removable to make eating and practicing good oral hygiene easy.

Because clear aligners are removable, you do not have to worry about messy eating, off-limits sticky or hard-to-chew foods like when wearing metal braces. After eating, you’ll simply want to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back on to avoid trapping food particles against your teeth.

Removable aligners are also ideal for maintaining oral health during treatment. Unlike braces, which can cause staining and decay on teeth during treatment, caring for your teeth while using aligners is easy. Just as you would normally, simply remove your aligners before brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Just give your aligners a rinse with warm water during this routine to wash out any build-up.

3. MTM® Clear Aligners are custom fitted to your teeth.

At Desert Dental Alternatives, our Palm Springs dentists use MTM® Clear Aligners for mild to moderately misaligned teeth. MTM is short for “minor tooth movement” and gently realigns your smile-showing teeth by way of its custom-fit design. MTM® Clear Aligner trays are custom molded to your mouth, and this is all accomplished in a quick visit. Because of this close, custom fit, MTM® Clear Aligners are more comfortable to wear and nearly impossible to see in comparison to other clear aligner designs.

4. Aligners are more comfortable than metal braces.

It is no secret that traditional braces can be not only uncomfortable, but downright painful. Clear aligners on the other hand use aligner trays to gently shift your tooth placement, rather than wires that need to be tightened by an orthodontist. Additionally, because of MTM® Clear Aligners’ revolutionary design, it is reportedly more comfortable than other clear aligners as well.

5. Check-ups throughout treatment are simple.

When you have braces, orthodontist trips can entail a myriad of exams, wire tightening, bracket adjustment, and cleanings. Instead, with clear aligners, you simply arrive for a check-in like any other dental check-up where your dentist will check on the progress of alignment, discuss how treatment is going, and replace aligners as needed as you progress and your teeth shift.

6. Relatively short treatment time.

With MTM® clear aligners, the average treatment time is only 4-8 months. Other clear aligners, in comparison, average 12-18 months of treatment time. Traditional metal braces can take upwards of two years for correction results. MTM® Clear Aligners have such a short treatment time because they focus on the alignment of the teeth that show when you smile: the top 6 and bottom 6 teeth. Because there are fewer teeth—and no molars—to worry about, the process of realignment is much simpler and therefore, much quicker (and less painful!).

Find Your Straightest Smile at Desert Dental Alternatives

At Desert Dental Alternatives, we want to champion both your confidence and overall oral health. Unlike the complicated orthodontic process, consultations for clear aligners are easy—we can determine if you are a candidate right in the comfort of our office.

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