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5 Denture Care Tips to Promote Longevity

Dentures are recommended for patients who are missing an entire row of teeth. Traditional, custom-made dentures comfortably rest on the gums, are easily removable, and are affordable. The key to making this restoration last as long as possible is proper denture care.

Dr. Bruno Lemay offers patients high-quality dentures made from various natural-looking materials. Once you have received your denture, follow these five denture care tips to ensure they look great and feel natural for as long as possible:

1. Rinse After Each Meal

When you finish a meal, go directly to a sink where you can rinse off your dentures. If not, you will be more likely to experience bad breath, plaque buildup, and even stains on your dentures.

2. Clean the Dentures Properly

Like natural teeth, food and plaque stick to the surface of dentures. Cleaning them several times a day is essential, especially in the evening. Here’s how to clean dentures at night:

  • Rinse them under lukewarm water: Water that is too hot can warp the dentures. Also, fill the sink with water or place a towel in the sink so that the dentures don’t break if you drop them.
  • Brush: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, scrub the entire denture, especially in the crevices.
  • Use a denture cleanser: Avoid whitening toothpastes. These contain peroxide which can damage or discolor the denture.
  • Clean the rest of your mouth: Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue as usual to prevent cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and more.

3. Soak Them at Night

After you’ve cleaned your dentures, place them in a cup or bowl filled with water or a denture-soaking solution. Then, cover the container to prevent contamination or spills.

Soaking your dentures at night:

  • Gives your mouth time to rest
  • Loosens up plaque and other remaining particles
  • Prevents the dentures from warping in a dry environment
  • Reduces the risk of stains

Rinse the dentures off with water before placing them back in your mouth in the morning.

4. Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Patients with dentures should visit our Cathedral City, CA, office at least every six months. More frequent visits may be recommended if there are pressing oral health issues. During these appointments, the dentist will examine:

  • Your denture for signs of wear
  • Your remaining teeth for decay, wear, and damage
  • Your gums for signs of periodontal disease
  • Your jawbone for signs of atrophy

A dental hygienist will also perform a thorough and gentle cleaning of your mouth.

5. Call Your Dentist When You Have Concerns

When something feels off with your dentures, don’t hesitate to contact your dental team. Most commonly, dentures become loose and irritating over time.

While getting acclimated to your dentures, you may notice increased saliva, difficulty chewing and talking, and your loss of ability to taste. These are normal at first. However, if these issues last past a month, it may be an issue of ill-fitted dentures.

Learn More About Making Your Dentures Last

Dr. Lemay offers traditional and implant-supported dentures to the community. His goal is to provide every patient with a comfortable, high-quality restoration and help them make it last as long as possible. To learn more about your denture options, call (760) 324-4450 or message us online to schedule an initial consultation.