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3 Permanent Options for Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Permanent Options for Cosmetic Dentistry

Although many people think cosmetic dentistry is limited to teeth whitening and veneers, a full smile makeover often requires more permanent options. Restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental procedures are considered different approaches. However, that does not mean that cosmetic dentistry has to be temporary or require ongoing visits to the dental office for continued maintenance. In fact, there are permanent cosmetic dental solutions that you can consider incorporating into your plan for a smile makeover.

At Desert Dental Alternatives, we will consult both your restoration needs and your smile goals to develop a personalized dental plan. Read below to learn about permanent cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help give you a bright, beautiful smile—for life!

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Tooth and Enamel Shaping

Known as odontoplasty or enamelplasty, this cosmetic dental treatment improves the shape and size of the tooth or teeth. This procedure can correct uneven length, unpreferred shape, and even chipped or cracked teeth. With reshaping, the dentist files down the tooth itself to smooth corners and create the desired shape and length. Enamel shaping can also correct the look of misaligned teeth, giving an even, yet natural looking smile. Tooth and enamel shaping is a quick and painless procedure that offers a permanent solution to some minor aesthetic issues with your smile.

Gum Contouring

Uneven, receding, or large gums that contribute to a gummy smile can all be corrected with gum contouring. Also known as gingival reshaping, this permanent procedure is accomplished by reshaping the gums themselves. A cosmetic dentist uses a soft tissue laser to remove unwanted parts of the gums, which simultaneously cauterizes the wound. Because of how gum contouring uses these lasers, patients generally only experience mild swelling and discomfort. As a result, the healing/recovery time is only a few days!

This option is perfect for people with gummy smiles, or whose gums make their teeth appear short or uneven. Even for those with proportionate gums, improving the gumline can give the appearance of a straighter, more symmetrical smile. In addition to cosmetic benefit, gingival reshaping can have oral health benefits, as inflamed gums can lead to more tooth loss.

Cosmetic Restorations

Sometimes, restorative dental procedures are necessary to achieve cosmetic goals. Restoration, functionality, and appearance often intertwine. And while bridges, crowns, and inlays/onlays have a limited lifespan, implants can offer a permanent solution to those with missing teeth, heavy decay, or compromised jawbone structure. Luckily, the lesser-invasive mini dental implants procedure can be an integral permanent solution for your smile makeover that we incorporate into your cosmetic dental plan.

Unlike traditional dental implants that require two surgical procedures and a six to eight month healing period, mini-implants can be performed in one visit. Because mini-implants are so much smaller than traditional implants, it is far less invasive, requiring only local anesthesia. As a result, there is a lesser healing time. Mini implants are a great option for those who require full teeth replacement as part of their full smile makeover.

Give Yourself a Smile Makeover with Permanent Cosmetic Dental Options!

At Desert Dental Alternatives, we understand the importance of being confident with your smile. Our expert cosmetic dentistry team prioritizes your needs, comfort, and safety. We offer permanent cosmetic dental options that allow you to achieve and maintain that stunning smile you deserve for years to come.

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